Students & Parents

Qualifications and Applications

ASP pays all costs for students in our program—tuition, living expenses and travel. Students who are selected have demonstrated their abilities in our learning centers—that they are high educational performances and they are well behaved. From there, students will be coached throughout their high school years in preparation for attending a top-tiered university.

If there are performance of behavioral issues during the program, each student will be mentored to work through them, but it is required that these performance objectives are met to maintain participation in the ASP program.

ASP looks for gifted, underprivileged students to enroll in its programs and:

  • No English-speaking requirement
  • Student must be at least 13 years old
  • Must be high-performing in school
  • Family must be low-income

ASP is always searching for students who qualify for our programs, and will test those who have demonstrated exceptional performance. In China, ASP holds writing contests through our learning centers for students to enter as an entry to the program.