Our Program

Program Sponsorships

ASP finds talented but underprivileged children in China to fund and support an education in America. The students in our core program are typically 12 or 13 years old, entering the 7th grade, and gifted. ASP has helped pay tuition, sponsored writing contests and begun searching for poor but talented students in China.

The core program begins at our learning centers in China, which utilize American online curriculum to teach students to read, write, speak and listen in English at their grade level. This program, along with a mentorship from an educator in their home country, helps prepare each student for study in the United States. Each student’s American study program is fully sponsored, typically at an International Baccalaureate school followed by college.

ASP also offers a number of programs for students across a variety of ages.

Our core program is that of our sister company, the Academy of International Youth Education. ASP sponsors China’s disadvantaged children to pursue the opportunities of this educational program.