Our Team

Jim Durkin
Chairman/CEO, American Study Program

Chairman and CEO Jim Durkin founded the American Study Program (ASP) to bring the prospect of studying in America to gifted, underprivileged students.

Jim has spent more than 20 years helping high school students at the Academy of International Youth Education (AIYE), a program in which each student enrolled could afford the cost of studying abroad. With ASP, Jim strives to bring that same promise of a high-quality education and experience to those students who aren’t able to afford it.

Born in Sacramento, CA, Jim was raised with a belief that he could pursue—and succeed in—any opportunity that presented itself to him. Working with students led to the realization that not every child is instilled with that same confidence. ASP aims to change that. Jim founded ASP on the belief that any student, regardless of their background, can work toward and achieve any goal they set.

Jim treats every student as an individual, with a targeted strategy that focuses on a student’s unique ability, desire to help others and their economic needs. A mainstay of ASP’s program has been to find student candidates who have a drive to live a life helping others.

Jim graduated from California State University, Hayward, with a degree in Business Administration and worked in finance for several years. He and his wife, Joanna Durkin, founded California Study Program in 1997 which was later renamed AIYE in 2015. They have a daughter, Tina Chen. Jim enjoys golf and spending time with their two labradoodles, Maddison and Olive.