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About The American Study Program

The American Study Program (ASP) offers year-round and summer exchange programs to provide educational opportunities to gifted, disadvantaged students between the United States and Asia. The program offers funding, support and mentorship that enables these students to receive a high level of education and be successful throughout.

International study programs are largely utilized by advantaged students who can simply afford it. ASP aims to bring those same prospects of success to underprivileged students who would otherwise never have the opportunity.

Support for the First Year and Beyond

For students studying abroad, the biggest hurdle they face is adjusting to the lifestyles and curriculum in the first year of their stay. The added responsibilities that come with being away from home, reading and writing in a new language, and adapting to different styles and rules can quickly lead to overwhelming culture shock. Yet this first year is key to the students’ success as an exchange student—four out of five of them return to China after just one year in America.

ASP not only provides financial support, but a backbone to this important transition, offering tools that build a foundation for critical thinking, leadership, and interpersonal skills. We work with each student as an individual to discover their unique purpose and goals that come with studying abroad. This focused effort and skills development combined help ensure that each student can overcome the many obstacles of being a foreign student in America—and fully seize the educational opportunities ahead of them.

Each and every student supported by the American Study Program has graduated high school and gone onto colleges like Penn State, Utah State, UC Berkeley, among others.